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 +# Openrsa - Wikispace of the month
 +[Back to RSA networks and engagement](netengage)
 +## On October 30 2007 I got this unexpected email
 +Hi David,
 +As you may know we regularly profile one Wikispace as “Space of the
 +Month” in our email update to our members. We think the  ​
 +[https://​​](home) space would be
 +a good choice as our  ​
 +October 2007 space of the month. Your space seems to be valuable for all
 +those who are considering how to build and strengthen their community in
 +the digital world, and we’d love to share your story.
 +If you’re interested we will write a little blurb and point people
 +toward your Wikispace but we also like to have the community hear from
 +you. Please send me just a couple of short sentences in answer to each
 +of these three questions:
 +Our Space: (What your space is for)
 +Our Community: (Who is involved in the space including usernames if you like)
 +Our Experience with Wikispaces: (Your experiences with Wikispaces and\
 +anything you’d like to highlight about the site.)
 +Look forward to hearing from you.
 +Adam, Bisma, Dom, James, and Sarah\
 +The Wikispaces Team
 +So I drafted this:
 +### Our space
 +OpenRSA is an experiment in using a wikispace, events, and other social
 +software to help a 250-year-old UK membership organisation re-invent
 +itself by becoming more networky and less hierarchical. The organisation
 +<​http://​>​ - Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts,
 +Manufactures & Commerce - started in the coffee houses of Covent Garden,
 +so we are just introducing new tools for conversation with a wider
 +### Our Community
 +OpenRSA started as a Facebook group - now with 340 members - after a
 +get-together of about 15 people. We set up the wikispace to give us
 +additional functionality for our larger meeting on October 1. Anyone can
 +get involved in OpenRSA who is currently a Fellow of the RSA (and there
 +are 27,000 of those worldwide) or interested in becoming a Fellow.
 +There’s an official RSA Networks blog here
 +<​http://​​rsa_networks/>​. OpenRSA aims to be a friendly
 +unofficial complement run by volunteers.
 +### Our experience with Wikispaces
 +Wikispaces was an easy choice because of past experience, ease of use,
 +and functionality. Participants in events can add their reports, we can
 +our embed video, and also take in a feed from the chief executive of the
 +RSA, Matthew Taylor. We’ll be doing more prior to an official RSA event
 +for 250 Fellows on November 22.
 +David Wilcox
 +[Back to RSA networks and engagement](netengage)
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