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 +# Openrsa - Polythemus
 +[Back to RSA networks and engagement](netengage)
 +OpenRSA has rasied some of the same sorts of matters as the British
 +Computer Society KIDMM group on the patters of kbnowledge, information,​
 +data, metadata, documents, methods, models, matters concerning the
 +impact of knew information and communication technologies. Patters is a
 +sort of twitter for what started out at nature, but it can’t be or
 +have,then became patterns but I’m not sure it is that either.
 +I started a Polythemus on Wordpress along with the call for proposals
 +from the Leverhulme Trust on beauty while working on a test case
 +involving Polyphemus.
 +It then occurred to me that the professional obligation of a MBCS or
 +CITP is different from a FRSA.  ​
 +So I should set up an exploration of the sorts of activities and
 +engagements RSA might develop.  ​
 +There is also an activity called PRADSA which willbe part of this.
 +PRADSA is the practical design with technology for social activism.
 +KIDMM is knowledge, information,​ data, metadata, documents, models,
 +methods, RSA is arts, commerce, manufacture,​ and Leverhulme is beauty,
 +so we have polythemus.
 +Now we come to the matter of methods.  ​
 +How do we engage in something like this?  ​
 +Then there is the matter of cases.  ​
 +We construct a case.  ​
 +This uses evidence.
 +My matter is the connection between the case here, the case for or of
 +the BCS, the case of or for Kingston University, the Library
 +Association,​ with its silly new name, and that this site has moved to
 +Here is a place though where I can got matters which might be more
 +contentious than elsewhere?
 +[Back to RSA networks and engagement](netengage)
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